Sueann Hall, HBSocSc, M.Sc

Empowering Communities Through Literacy

Supporting educators, caregivers and organizations in diversifying their bookshelves.



Sueann offers custom support for her clients across three main categories: Improving Book Accessibility, Empowering Educators and Caregivers and Increasing Representation


Sueann provides interactive workshops to help teams and organizations increase awareness around issues, identify opportunities and build the skillsets to affect change.


Sueann is available for speaking engagements on various topics related to childhood literacy, children’s books and diversity in children’s literature.

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Passionate about literacy, equitable access to books, and inclusive stories for children, Sueann is an occasional blogger, reader, Mom, and children’s book advisor. Understanding that authentic storytelling can change the way we see and understand the world, Sueann’s goal is to encourage caregivers and educators to raise readers and to diversify children’s libraries and bookshelves so that they are more representative of the world around them.


in lost economic opportunity from low literacy

Canadian households do not own a single book

More words by the age of 5 when exposed to books

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Did You Know

Literacy skills help us to understand and interact with one another and the world around us.


Literacy levels and income are strongly linked. Research shows that people with more literacy skills earn more money over time


Children who read for fun have greater levels of imagination, focus, relaxation and mood regulation


Reading for pleasure can create a greater sense of community, a stronger feeling of social inclusion, a stronger ability to enjoy social occasions, and enhanced openness and talkativeness


Increased exposure to books and vocabulary leads to significant increase in school preparedness

What People are Saying

“Sueann has made a lasting impact on our family through the books and literature that she has recommended. I often turn to her title choices for books to bring into our home because each one is thought-provoking and brings up important conversations with my children.
Sueann pours herself into bringing stories into our home that make us take pause, think, and look at the world differently.”

Sarah Stone

Mother of three

“There is so much value in each carefully curated list of children’s books recommended by Sueann. As a resource that supports racialized parents, at COMO we acknowledge the importance of being able to connect to either a character or story line. We acknowledge the importance of inclusive representation in children’s books and Sueann offers us exactly that!””

Pearly Pouponneau

Co-Founder, Colours of Mama

“Sueann appeared on Parents for Diversity’s “The Power of the Written Word” panel alongside award-winning author David A. Robertson and Educator-Librarian Rabia Khokar, both delighting and inspiring the audience with her insight on engaging children in conversations about human rights and how to celebrate children’s identities using picture books. She presented gaps in literacy in a way that was approachable for our audience of parents and caregivers. Sueann embodies the philosophy #PictureBooksCanChangeTheWorld, and her unshakable commitment to childhood literacy is transforming our community.”

Dr. Amber Labelle

Board Director, Parents for Diversity

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